Fairies is a Japanese girl group, formed in 2011. They are managed by the talent agency Vision Factory and produced by the Avex record label Sonic Groove.


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The concept for Fairies was "a world class dance group that is able to compete overseas" Members were chosen from 100 candidates who attended dance schools associated with Vision Factory. Before debuting, Fairies was featured on a segment of Sukkuri!! where the name Fairies was chosen because their dancing resembled the fluttering of fairies.

The group released their first single More Kiss / Song For You on September 21st 2011, which reached #11 on the Oricon charts.

Fairies also won the "Best New Artist" award at the 53rd Japan Record Awards. Their average age at the time was 13.6, making them tie with °C-ute as the lowest average to win the award. Their single More Kiss also won the "New Artist" award at the Japan Cable Awards the same year.

Fairies released two singles this year, More Kiss / Song For You and HERO / Sweet Jewel





  1. [2014.03.26] Fairies (Debut)

  1. [2011.09.21] More Kiss / Song for You (Debut)
  2. [2011.12.21] HERO / Sweet Jewel
  3. [2012.04.04] Beat Generation / No More Distance
  4. [2012.07.25] Tweet Dream / Sparkle
  5. [2012.11.14] White Angel
  6. [2013.04.25] Hikari no Hate ni
  7. [2014.02.19] RUN With U
  8. [2014.04.28] Super Hero / Love Me, Love You More
  9. [2014.09.03] BLING BLING MY LOVE




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