Harajuku Kirakira Gakuin

The official cast of HKKG

Harajuku Kirakira Gakuin (原宿キラキラ学院) was Fairies' first regular TV show. It aired from April 1, 2012 (three days before their third single, Beat Generation / No More Distance, was to be released on April 4th), to September 30, 2012 with a total of 27 episodes. Airing time was on Sundays on TV Tokyo at 5:30 PM. It was replaced by Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal II.

The show featured the seven members of Fairies (before Kawane Kiyomura left) and comedian Keisuke Okada (of the comedy duo Masuda Okada). Okada played the students' homeroom teacher with the students training to become the next generation of entertainers. The show covered three main aspects:

  1. Challenging various activities such as karate and rhythmic gymnastics,
  2. Singing covers of famous Western pop hits from the ’80s, and
  3. Introducing the latest trends in Harajuku.

The opening theme for the show was a dance collaboration between Fairies and Blue Tokyo, another dance crew.

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