Mahiro Hayashida is a Japanese idol and a member of the band Fairies.

Mahiro 2017

Hayashida (2017)


Mahiro (2014)

Mahiro Hayashida Edit

Mahiro Hayashida 4

Mahiro Hayashida

  • Name: Mahiro Hayashida
  • Birthday: May 7th, 1998.
  • Age: 21
  • Blood Type: O
  • Member Color: Yellow

Trivia Edit

  • When the group first started rehearsing together, Mahiro wanted to quit because she thought she wasn't good enough.

Information Edit

  • Nicknames: Black Mahiro, Mahiron
  • Place of birth: Hyogo 
  • Charm point: Smile
  • Favorite color: Yellow, pink, black
  • Family: 1 younger brother 
  • Favorite pets: Dogs
  • Dance Experience before debuting: For 7 years
  • Favorite sport: Volleyball
  • Favorite character: Hello Kitty
  • Favorite video game: Mario Kart
  • Slogan: Akarusa tennen sports shōjo (Bright natural sports girl)
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