Miki Shimomura is a Japanese idol and a member of the band Fairies.

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Shimomura (2017)


Miki (2014)

Miki Shimomura Edit

Miki Shimomura 7

Miki Shimomura

  • Name: Miki Shimomura
  • Birthday: October 22nd, 1998.
  • Age: 20
  • Blood Type: B
  • Member Color: Pink

Trivia Edit

  • She is the youngest member of Fairies.
  • She is currently playing Amy in the musical Little Women.

Information Edit

  • 'Nicknames: 'MikiMiki 
  • 'Place of birth:' Tokyo 
  • 'Charm point:' Eyes 
  • 'Favorite color: 'Red, pink, white & black 
  • 'Family:' 2 older brothers 
  • 'Favorite pets:' Dogs & cats
  • 'Dance Experience before debuting:' For 7 years
  • 'Favorite anime: 'The Moomins 
  • 'Special ability: 'Spin (dance step) 
  • 'Slogan: 'Fushigi-chan (Mysterious girl) 
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